Could we rely on betting patterns?

One of the basic issues when talking about sports betting systems is can we rely the outcomes of a particular group of matches to be repeated in the same way when we have a similar group of matches in the future. Said it with other words, if a number of matches have ended with Over 2.5 goals scored by both teams, does it mean that the same group of matches will end with the same number of Overs?

Most of the players who deal with sports betting worldwide would respond to this question with an Yes, although the number of them who really gain some profit from sports betting is relatively small.

However, the skeptics would say that this can’t happen because any sports match is too unpredictable, which denies the option the bettor to be able to rely only on past data. To this argument the players who believe that statistics can provide reliable information usually answer that a game itself is hard to be predicted based only on statistics, but if you have a hundred matches, then it is another matter and you can get the needed percentage of winners.

Which one of both groups is closer to the truth? If you look at the amount of players who are interested in betting statistics and bets with bookmakers like William Hill, bet365 and Bet at home and compare them with the amount of players who actually gain profit from sports betting, you will see that there is a definite difference between what most of the players expect and what they actually get.

Also, we can say that the analysis of betting statistics is not easy and only really good mathematicians can find the valuable information in it. Unfortunately, the percentage of those really good mathematicians among the bettors is not particularly high.

However, can the betting statistics help us to create a betting system that wins money every month? The answer is no (in most of the cases), but to search for such a system is good because the process of searching helps us to understand sports betting better and thus reduces our losses when dealing with your favorite hobby.