Ex bookmaker revealed all the secrets

Sports bet is certainly not for the faint hearted ,if you one of them, rather leave,this is not for you! Evidence suggest that few people actually beat the bookmaker to make a profit over the long term. Yes there’s punters that are successful and live their dream betting for life. In this article you will discover how anyone can beat the bookmaker to gain the edge totally ! Few people go the other route by outclass his strategy of sensible risk management.Remember he want to make a profit from his business ! Use this hard hitting facts constructively and you will earn a potential income opportunity.

What this secret report about ?

  • This deep analysis you can study the methods,step by step to have a better bird’s eye view of how to monitor the market.
  • To encourage you to think more analytically.
  • Improve your betting strategy.
  • Improve your decision-making in the markets you invest in..
  • Different ways to gain a head start.
  • Bigger pay-outs
  • And mostly important money management and examination risk.

Hint:It’s only through clear thinking and better understanding that the better can maximise his chances of winning. Without this pure thinking the bookmaker will always gain the upper hand. The mind have magnificent,just increase your thinking unexplored abilities.

1. Plan financially.

Important! you should avoid betting more than you can could afford. The importance of this is to put aside a amount for betting purposes only. This step is very important to test your discipline and your financial future.

2. Do your research and be selective.

There are thousands of sport betting opportunities to be found everyday and the bookmaker have hopes to stacks the odds against you. To improve your chances is to overcome this advantages,you must concentrate on two key sporting markets to have a fresh start. Do a proper research thoroughly.

Hint:Always remember the bookmaker have less experience in the smaller markets that’s not so popular,like darts,volleyball,cycling,jumping and biathlon. Certainly a big edge for you as,only two compilers studying them. Be selective and don’t just bet because you have to,bet when you feel you have identified a advantage. The worst you can do is not bet at all when the break is even.

3. Keep Records.

Have a notepad and keep accurate records,the winnings and the profits and losses incurred. Keep a eagle eye betting history to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. To record your profitability and reveal the input to see if you gain a edge over the bookmarker.

4. A value bet or don’t bet at all!

Winnings make the bank account full,but remember it’s absolutely impossible to win all the time. Seek and identify the value in the odds,through a comparison of bookmakers,prices,quantitative and qualitative forecasting techniques. Find the value and the winner will take care of everything.

5.Test your Forecasting System.

Punters use different techniques to forecasting and prediction. Some to prefer to watch the media reports about each event and making betting judgements, base on injuries,morale and motivation. The other group prefer to quantify information about form and develop rating system to predict the outcome of the next contest.

Hint:Keep a record of both approaches especially for numerical forecasting,test and retest the your system.

6.Identify Good Betting Markets

There’s a wide variety of wagers from match bets to ante post,score cast to handicaps. Every punter will have his own type favourable market,be on the look out for this signs,where the bookmaker have limited to his over-round. This include where the number of possible outcomes is a minimal-2

and this include etc. the Asian handicap betting in football. American sports wagers and 2-way betting in many other fields. The imposed disadvantages is you will face a lower,both because the bookmaker cant afford it to be so,and obviously there’s little room for them to emphasize behind less generous prices.

7.Bet Singles

For all the years bookmakers imposed restrictions on availability of single bets,where the punter only backed the outcome of one event. To the inventions of the internet and offshore sport betting industry,this restrictions have totally disappeared. Unfortunately punters feed on the bigger payouts from multiples and perms still in place. For highly successful betters it’s true that profits can be generate,but the risk of the larger and lower strike rates will always be greater. Singles can generate reasonable rewards without the risk of loosing a large sum.

Hint: A punter’s Greed is always his downfall

8. Back favourites and Small prices

Contentious but undeniable apparent,at least in football is the favourite of long-shoot bias. Demonstrated empirically beyond question in the Sport Bets European Football fixed odds markets. It’s potentially owns its existence,to risk adverse tendencies. Because of most bookmakers,who should sooner,over priced a odds on selection. This to liability on by offering value in the long-shot. Backing only on short prices will not be enough to secure a betting edge,but for those who want to do show average smaller disadvantages is smaller to start with. Backing this strategy of short prices give you security that you will pick up more winnings.

Hint:Don’t go for a favourite just because it’s a favourite,back it with the believe it carry value behind it. This is one of the Bookmakers crucial mistake going for the favourites.

9. Sit down and compare the Bookmakers prices

If the bookmakers give 1/1 while another offer 6/5 ,it make sense to take the lesser price. Also consider the betting exchanges method where you can bet against other punters as to against the bookmaker. Despite the commissions payable on winnings -5%-the odds available with exchanges are frequently more favourable since there is no over round to overcome.

Hint:Always remember do not bet because your bookmaker offers the highest price,the odds must always contain good value.

10. Identify your risk preferences.

Are you a risk taker? Or a risk avoider ? The answer of this will shape your betting strategy and money management. Risk takers are happy to back high odds,preferring the huge win. They also develop the mental association of “you win some and you loose some”.Some betters prefer chasing the lost bets. Caution! This strategy will not guarantee profits as the risk of failure is open to you in sports bets.

If you prefer the method of good research and awareness strategy, you will meet some good profits along your way.All the Best ! and to have luck with believe….You open a doorway that few open.The mind have power just control it. You can sign up here to analyze your strategy what you have learn Go here…..